Five Reasons Why We Love Toronto's Broadview Lofts

Five Reasons Why We Love Toronto's Broadview Lofts

Jul 27, 2015
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The Broadview Lofts in Toronto’s east end consistently make our top five list for best lofts in the city. Units here are a perpetual favourite amongst buyers as well and well-priced units don’t sit on the market for very long.

If you’re familiar with Toronto lofts for sale on the east-side, you’ll already know why the Broadview Lofts are the best of an already great bunch. But if you’re thinking about buying a loft and you’re not familiar with the Broadview Lofts, here are the top reasons why you should consider this gem of a building.

#1 Those Windows

The Broadview Lofts, a former Rexall pharmacy warehouse, are known for their massive windows with iconic sharp, black trim that blends so well with the building’s industrial style.

Obviously, not every unit has these partciular floor to ceiling windows that are so dramatic and stunning. But even modest units in this hard loft tend to have great big windows - and lots of them - for airy, light-filled spaces. Coupled with the high ceilings, the windows in this building balance out all of those hard features so that units feel spacious and not claustrophic as can sometimes be the case in smaller hard loft units with too much concrete, brick and steel.

#2 The Warmth of Wood

While we love hard materials like concrete and brick - and you’ll certainly find elements of that in this building - nothing beats the beauty, warmth and character of wood beams, floors and ceilings like many units in the Broadview Lofts boast.

You just don’t see this quality or amount of wood in new build soft lofts because it’s just not financially viable for builders to use wood in this way. And even if they wanted to, it’s hard to get your hands on beams of this size and quality in today’s world unless you have them cut yourself and custom-milled. The historic wood beams found in many units here are simply irreplacable.

#3 Amenities and Fees

So, we’re not going to pretend that the Broadview Lofts have a ton of amenities. This is a hard loft - you rarely get amenities that rival condos or soft lofts in converted, historic buildngs. But hard loft enthusiasts aren’t drawn to authentic lofts because they want a gym or a pool.

That said, the Broadview Lofts do have more amenities than you’d think including a common rooftop deck, security guard, concierge and a party room - all for maintenance fees that are well below the average for the city at just $0.39/sqft on average. That kind of value is seriously hard to beat.

#4 Location

Riverside is hands-down one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto for young professionals to call home. Not only is it a short commute to downtown (the Queen streetcar is just steps away), the number of stylish restaurants, bars, cafes and boutique shops that have cropped up along this thriving stretch of Queen East are too many to list.

Plus, you’re within walking distance of both Leslieville (with more amazing restaurants, bars and some of the hottest brunch spots in the city) and Riverdale (with Withrow and Riverdale Park for outdoor activities).

#5 Choice

One of the best qualities of the Broadview Lofts for hungry buyers is the sheer size of the building. With over 150 units and a wide range of sizes and price points, you don’t have to wait too long for a suitable unit to hit the market. That said, you do have to jump quickly when one does. Many units sell in a matter of days.

If you’re interested in the Broadview Lofts, give one of our MrLOFT agents a call and we’ll make sure to notify you as soon as a suitable listing becomes available. As well, we may have exclusive listings for you so that you can get a jumpstart on the competition.

Photo of Riverside Side (c) Nadiatalent used via Creative Commons from Wikimedia.