The Power of Staging a Condo For Sale in Toronto

The Power of Staging a Condo For Sale in Toronto

Author: Carl Langschmidt

Jun 5th 14

The Power of Staging a Condo For Sale in Toronto

If you’ve ever listed a condo for sale in Toronto while you were still living in it, you know how difficult it can be to keep it clean. As potential buyers come in for viewing after viewing, it becomes your job to not only keep it organized but also wipe up the footprints of those who pass through, so to speak (and maybe even literally).

In the midst of this busy spring – now almost summer – real estate season, we’ve seen dozens of condo listings come and go from our site, but there’s one that recently sold and we want to share it with you. After listing it twice before, and sitting on the market for a total of 102 days between those two listings, this condo at M5V was recently relisted and sold in just 15 days. How? Well, that’s the power of staging.

Original Listing Pictures

There was nothing particularly bad about what you see in these pictures. The furniture was modern, you could tell the unit was in good condition and the view from this Toronto condo should sell itself. But the biggest problem was that it looked – and felt – cluttered. Is it ok for a condo to look lived in? Of course. However, there was so much squished into this space that it felt cramped, and gave buyers no room to imagine what they could do with the space.

Staged Listing Pictures

After the tenant moved out, the owner had the condo staged. The first thing we noticed was how bright the unit looked. This King West condo always had floor-to-ceiling windows, but the removal of clutter and switch to light-coloured furniture made it seem that much brighter. The minimal amount of furniture left room for potential buyer’s imaginations to run free, and the empty kitchen looked more like one you’d want to cook in.