We’ve all seen horrible shots of Toronto lofts on MLS listings. Blurry images and bad angles. Terrible lighting that makes the client’s loft look dingy and fisheye lens contortions that make the property look like a funhouse. And how many times have you seen photos loaded in upside down?

When everyone has a smart phone, it’s amazing what passes for acceptable realty photography. And the sad truth of it is that there are some realtors selling lofts who will do anything to save a few bucks. That includes taking their own photos. Badly. We firmly believe that there’s a reason why photography is a profession.

Photography is both an art and a craft that requires the right skills and the right equipment. MrLOFT agents always hire professionals to shoot our Toronto lofts for sale. There is no additional charge to you as our client; we cover the fees.

Now, you may question whether good photography really matters that much when selling lofts in Toronto in a hot market? Yes. And here’s why.

Photography Affects Sales

We’ve seen it happen time and time again, particularly when we take on clients who have left a previous realtor because they were unable to sell their property. Good photography can sell your Toronto loft faster and for more money. Period.

Now, photography is just one part of a larger marketing mix that may include staging, copywriting, graphic design, website and/or video production and of course, a realtor who knows how to effectively market and sell your home. But photography deserves a special shout-out because it’s one of the easiest elements to nail (the realtor just has to be willing to spend the time and money to vet, hire and brief a professional photographer) yet it’s the piece of the marketing pie that we see go wrong most often on Toronto MLS listings.

But don’t just take our word for it. You can hear from Riaz and Natasha, clients of our sister-site in this .