Toronto Lofts: Spotlight on the Toy Factory

Toronto Lofts: Spotlight on the Toy Factory

Dec 23, 2014
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As we approach the New Year, we’ll be taking a fresh look each month at one of our favourite authentic Toronto loft buildings. There’s no better building to kick-off the series than the industrial gem of Liberty Village Toronto, the Toy Factory Lofts.

West-Side Represents

We talked recently about the value proposition of Leslieville lofts but there’s no denying that Toronto lofts have become synonymous with the west-end, particularly hard loft conversions of industrial factories and historic buildings. When looking for condos or lofts for sale Toronto there’s one neighbourhood that stands out above all others and that’s Liberty Village.

But there’s another choice for living in Liberty Village that doesn’t correlate to cookie cutter. The unique loft that started it all – the Toy Factory.

She’s a Doll, the Toy Factory

A conversion of the historic Irwin Toy Factory, the Toy Factory lofts consist of the original 4-storey hard loft building below and a 3-storey soft loft addition that’s more thoughtful and true to the building’s vintage than we typically see in contemporary loft design.

Architect Sheldon Levitt of Quadrangle Architects, who headed the project along with Toronto interior design firm II by IV, has stated that there’s an “emotional premium” on units within this coveted building because of the meticulous use of space, light and air. We have to agree. Every unit, large or small, that we’ve stepped foot into in this building has immediate wow factor.

Toy Factory lofts for sale tend to share a few things in common that make them so attractive to buyers:

Luxury Lofts = Brand Equity

The number one reason we love the Toy Factory is that it continues to grow in value and prestige. It’s rare to see an established Toronto loft building undergo a second stage of development but the Toy Factory is about to get a whole lot more lux.

Five new, super swank penthouse units are being constructed on the fourth floor. Originally earmarked as commercial space, approximately 7,000 square feet sat empty until its recent sale to a high-end developer. 

What’s great about these high-end suites is that they not only add luxury loft stock to the Toronto real estate market (luxury lofts are a rarity) but they also raise the perceived value – and most likely the actual value – of the existing units below as the Toy Factory brand is further elevated.

If you’re considering buying an authentic loft in Toronto in 2015, be sure to check out lofts for sale in the Toy Factory.