Help make Segways legal in Toronto

Help make Segways legal in Toronto

Author: Carl Langschmidt

Nov 12th 13

The Segway is a fantastic human transporter. It is already legal in many forward thinking countries and states. The Segway has the potential to help Canadians reduce their carbon foot print, cut down on traffic congestion in cities and help reduce our oil dependancy. Transport Canada lauched a pilot program in 2006 for Police, postal workers and people with disabilities ONLY. The pilot will end in  Oct 2018. 

In the meantime Canadians continue burning oil, wasting time in congested traffic only becuase the Ministry of Transportation needs 12 years to make a common sense decision.

Anyone who has tried a Segway will realize within 15 minutes that it is no more dangerous than a bicycle and perfectly safe given the same common sense provisions any cyclist would use when operating a bicycle. 

Let’s ask transport Canada for a quicker decison that benefits our enviroment, reduces smog, Increases the fun factor and demonstrates some good old Common Sense!