MrLOFT v5.0 - Our New Website

MrLOFT v5.0 - Our New Website

May 3, 2018
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MrLOFT v5.0 - Our New Website

Today we are launching MrLOFT 5.0 our 5th website in 11 years. Before I get into the details about the new site and its features I wanted to share with you quick trip down memory lane and talk about how we got here today. I built the first version of in 2007 it was a simple HTML website with my personal reviews of all the lofts in Toronto, initially there were no fancy search features or syncing with listing feeds just brutally honest reviews of the various lofts in the city. By brutal I really mean it, back then one particular review got me in hot water with owners of a building as it described the buildings below market values “thanks to the crack whores standing outside the front door”. While we have cleaned up some of the content and language over the years, in that particular case the area near Queen/Sherbourne has cleaned up considerably, our team is still dedicated to giving straight up advice about the loft market, we are still committed and dedicated to giving buyers the truth and best loft search experience.

(MrLOFT 1.0 - 2007)

(MrLOFT 2.0 - 2008)

(Above 3.0 2012 – New Logo New Site)

I'll Skip MrLOFT v4 (2015) – Version 4.0 is what v5 should have been and a hard lesson in outsourcing IT to a foreign country where English is not the main language. The Chinese must be onto something with number 4 being unlucky. Doh! 5.0 – The Best Loft Search Experience.

Today MrLOFT launches version 5.0. which has taken a year of hard work and development. It’s truly the fastest, fanciest loft website in North America and it’s the same platform that will power the next version of, the #1 Condominium website in Canada. Our new site is all about the search experience. It’s built on the latest Javascript technology called React which basically means its super fast and will work on any device.

It’s Idiot agent proof - In previous versions of, the site relied upon listing agents to classify their listing correctly and list the style field as a loft instead of an apartment. Our new site tags addresses as loft addresses which means if anything is listing at a loft address it will sync with our new website so you will not have to look anywhere else to find a loft. We have over 775 addresses we have tagged over the past 12 years as “lofty addresses” ranging from the popular buildings like the robert Watson lofts and robert lofts down to unique 1 of a kind lofts like 60 Dale, a conversion of a Horse stable into a spectacular residence like no other in the city. If you are looking for unique property stay tuned you will find it here.

Instant Alerts - The early bird gets the worm.

Our new site has the ability to set Instant alerts which means you can get alerted to new listings within an hour of them being officially listed. Most listing alerts are sent out daily at specific times which typically means it is often the next morning that you are notified if your receiving alerts from a typical MLS system. Our experience over the years knows this does not work for hot lofts. The best lofts and deals are often sold within hours of being listed being by bully offers or listing agents who are fully aware of the loft market demand and conditions. A great story about this was unit 414 at robert Candy factory lofts. A gorgeous corner unit that was listed and sold within hours of being on the market to a lucky Mrloft client who upon inspecting their loft on the closing day received an unsolicited offer from the neighbour for substantially more than what they paid. Sadly that neighbour had their agent set up listing alerts for the Candy factory but did not get the listing alert until the next morning by which time the unit was sold.