Pimp my Loft: Audio Edition

Pimp my Loft: Audio Edition

If you have just purchased a cool new loft in Toronto, you probably have a million things on your wish list. No cool loft would be complete without a decent sound system. The good news here is the best solution is actually not expensive. If you have not heard of SONOS, let me explain why SONOS is the best system in Carl Loftschmidt’s opinion. Firstly SONOS is wireless. Which means not only do you NOT have those ugly speaker cables running between your amplifier and the speakers but the installation is so clean and simple and can be done in minutes. A wireless system makes moving the speakers down the road a piece of cake and you’re not obligated to leave the system as a fixture if and when you sell your loft. (Please remember to call Mrloft when that time comes). The sound quality is amazing, the experts at Bay Bloor Radio will tell you the same thing. I personally have never had a buffering or delay issue, I know there are many wireless skeptics due to the shitty early-generation wireless systems from other brands. SONOS have nailed it here guys! 

The second reason why I love my SONOS system is that the speakers themselves are beautifully designed. They really do look sexy and add to the cool factor of the space! The White and Black SONOS PLAY 5 speaker (pictured above) is very striking with very clean lines and would look great in a contemporary modern loft. 

My third reason for recommending SONOS to pimp your loft is the App. The app can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet and it links up all your media beautifully. I connected my iTunes library, signed into my Deezer account (my streaming service similar to Spotify) and added my favourite radio stations in minutes. (Ever since apple completely screwed up the iTunes app SONOS really did rescue the situation and has made accessing my music so simple and easy.

Finally the SONOS system can be expanded and extended into different rooms from as little as $249 (SONOS PLAY 1). Perfect addition for adding sound to the bathroom for enhancing those shower singing sessions. I move my SONOS PLAY 5 speaker onto my terrace in the summer which is great for entertaining. The portability is really neat. If you already have a SONOS system and need a loft as cool as your SONOS we would love to help. Give us a shout or complete the buying a loft form.

The District Loft above has SONOS PLAY 1 Speakers behind the sofa and a SONOS PLAY BAR below the TV. It’s simple to setup yet this exact system with a traditional cabled system would have hundreds of feet of cables and require renovations and talented carpenters to hide the cables. The install savings alone will cover the cost of the system.