Virtual Realty is Here!

Virtual Realty is Here!

Author: Carl Langschmidt

Apr 23rd 16

Real estate has had its fair share of cheap 360 panoramic virtual tour products over the years but this time, it’s different. Matterport, a new company from where else but California, has created a 3D laser scanning camera which creates the coolest views of a property I have ever seen. Not only can a user walk through a listing on any device, including compatibility with the new VR headsets from Samsung and Oculus but the user can zoom out and view the "Dollhouse" view by clicking the icon on the bottom left of the screen.  

It’s super cool as viewers can rotate the property and view it from any perspective. It really is awesome. Take a look at this Listing at 384 Sunnyside Ave the Abbey Lofts  which should be hitting the market shortly. Click the icon on the bottom left of the tour to view the Dollhouse. It’s pretty sweet technology.