Zoocasa Closure Proves It's Not Profitable To Break Promises

Zoocasa Closure Proves It's Not Profitable To Break Promises

You’ve likely heard the news that as of June 22, 2015, Rogers is getting out of the online brokerage business. They’re shutting down after an alleged loss of almost $25M over the last two years.

Given the record-breaking sales in Zoocasa’s top two markets - Toronto and Vancouver - how does a brokerage lose so much money and fail so quickly with the behemoth Rogers’ engine fueling it? Simple. They didn’t deliver on their promises.

My colleague wrote a piece on our sister company’s blog on

Our experience shows that, while we love a little bling here and there, substance will always trump flash. Our brokerage focuses on the cultivation of loft experts by neighbourhood and building level for our highly-experienced MrLOFT team. The promise of connecting customers with a Toronto loft expert is something we take very seriously and our Realtors are truly among the most knowledgeable in the city.

The era of the generalist Realtor is over – consumers are more knowledgeable than ever and they want real-world expertise, experience, results and quality service from their Realtors. Not a virtual matchmaking service that is just as likely to pair you with a dud.

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